• Crifrut

    Branding / Packaging

    Crifrut is a brand of Nuts founded in Ecuador. Since its foundation in 2020, all its derivatives are of natural origin preserving the quality and delicacies of each fruit with the best selection of the product to reach a public with a taste for fruits and which will allow you to take wherever you go.
    With a great story to tell and the growing need for differentiation, the idea arises to redefine a new identity for Crifrut.

    Solve need and offer a quality product.
    From the design process, we wanted to focus strategically to reflect freshness and balance and, at the same time, make it attractive to the consumer, it is not only about the interior but also how it is presented, since how do you know an image can sell.

    The new Cifruta packages represent the array of elements and each fruit represented by packaging.

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