Blood Trials (A Flight Rising Fanfiction)

  • Inception
  • Chapter 1
  • A young Tundra fought against his friends for practice, trying to swing his cleaver against one of his friends, a Ridgeback. The Ridgeback blocked the attack with her shield, while his other friend, a Fae, flew behind her, cast a bolt of magic and hit her at the back. The Ridgeback grimaced in pain before throwing her shield like a frisbee at the Fae, knocking him out. The shield flew back and she caught it, using it to block another attack from the Tundra.

    The tundra stopped the fight.

    “Great work today, Verkagat,” the Tundra complimented the Ridgeback with a smile. “You fought well.”

    “You too, Xavier and Talos.” the Ridgeback said with a grin to the Tundra and Fae.

    “Let’s continue with our search for a clan,” Talos said bluntly, getting up from being knocked out earlier. “Once we find a clan, they must accept me, the great and powerful Talos, and the both of you.”

    The trio nodded and continued on their journey, determined to find a new clan to live in. As they continued walking, they spotted two Imperials in the distance, commanding some dragons. They looked at each other excitedly, having finally found someone who might help them.

    Walking up to the Imperials, they looked at each other with excitement. Xavier walked up to the Imperials with a huge grin.

    “Hello there! We would like to join your clan, whatever it might be,” he said with a sparkle in his eyes.

    “What can you offer to our clan?” one of the Imperials asked them.

    “I can fight with my cleaver! I want to be a warrior.” Xavier boasted as he tried to lift his cleaver. “Though I do plan to eventually become a leader of a clan.”

    Verkagat showed her shield to them.

    “I can protect those that need it with my shield,” Verkagat assured, throwing her shield at the sky and making it return to her as a demonstration. “I plan to become a defender.”

    Talos’ talons fizzled with magic.

    “I, the great and powerful Talos, shall become the greatest mage!” Talos bragged, shooting bolts of magic randomly.

    One of the bolts flew towards one of the Imperials, who dodged the attack.

    The Imperial looked at them and motioned them to follow him.

    The trio followed the Imperials into a cave, with other dragons staring intently at them and followed them.

    The Imperial stopped at the end of one of the caves, with a Ridgeback at the end of the cave looking at them. He motioned them to go to the centre of the cave. The other dragons that were following them gathered around them, looking at the Imperials as they joined the Ridgeback and stood beside him.

    “We have new members to the clan,” he announced to the gathered dragons. “Everyone, please welcome these three to Pestilence Hoarde.”

    The rest of the dragons cheered for them while they stood there, beaming.

    “We have finally joined a clan!” Xavier whispered to Verkagat and Talos, quivering in excitement.

    A Nocturne from the crowd walked up to them.

    “My name is Vesemir. Since Daeva has accepted all of you into the clan, let me be your teacher,” he said to them. “All of you must have a long day. Rest up and I will begin teaching you.”

    The trio followed Vesemir who showed them where they could rest.

    The trio looked at each other before drifting into sleep, having fulfilled one of their goals.

    Xavier woke up earlier than his friends, having gotten up earlier to sharpen his cleaver. As he walked out of the cave to the cave where they were induced in the clan, trying to find a place to sharpen it, he stared in shock.

    Lying on the ground was the contorted body of Daeva, motionless in a pool of blood with blood pouring out of a huge gash on his neck.