The Real Me

  • Caption : Keep quiet with your secrets as you move towards the end of the path.
  • -Clouds & Bright Sky

    Whenever you look up in the clear blue sky, you only will think about
    “Oh, its kind of peaceful”
    The vibrant and bright color of the sky depicts it in a way of the sky being peaceful.


    The road on the ground leads to a distance and disappears.  It shows that whenever we walk, it’ll always be a long run. The road only ends when we disappear, also known as, die.


    It showed me walking away from everything, slowly disappearing while making the “ keep quiet sign “ while looking back.
    As a person with a-lot of secrets, I want to keep those secrets with me while I walked away and making sure nobody else knows.


    The color in the whole picture is bright.
    Its bright because I want to show it as something that I want to keep positive. Although I’m disappearing, I still want to make sure everything is all right around me.