Akanda Brand Identity

  • We sell digital strategy focused on grow our clients businesses. We're lean, effective and technological natives focused on providing this highly qualified service to local businesses and small companies with a down-to-earth language and competitive pricing. we deliver sales. we believe this is one of the key virtues any successful business owner (our clients) should have and is one of our key values.The Akanda name originated from Akanda National Park in West Africa, an incredibly rich ocean-land ecosystem with the binding core of mangroves that connects and facilitates the health and vibrancy of the ecosystem. 
  • Akanda

    The problem
    Starting-up a new business and creating a brand that translates
    growth for our clients business. 

    The solution:
    We start to develop the brand identity with meaning growth to represent the company goals. We have created a unique brand system that can expand itself with a fluffy design.

  • Akanda iconography from a graphic element of A and top arrow shape,
    reflecting expand and growth characteristics of visual motif.

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