Kerbside coffee

  • In the process of renewing brand “KERBSIDE.” A client wants to “KERBSIDE” is showed as a casual but good-quality coffee. So I set up slogan “The good coffee” and that idea “KERBSIDE” logo everywhere in an urban city like a casual sticker. KERBSIDE brand is an affordable price, yet it remains a high quality of coffee, and its strength is specialty coffee which made from a different seasonal coffee bean. And that’s why there are hand-drawing in showcard to explain the originality of KERBSIDE’s coffee.
  • "Everywhere", " Casual," "Affordable price" is the keyword of KERBSIDE. Logos are shaped like stickers and are always placed in the lower right corner. Easy-to-adhesive stickers express casual coffee, such as the slogan Coffee everywhere.
  • Our primary target is urban people who were still looking for good quality coffee at a reasonable price. So we promote our coffee brand from the central city. And we need to make our brand looks like casual yet in a modern way. It's a good quality coffee which most urban people drink.