Darpass | Brand Identity

  • Darpass initiative provides 360-degree view of Armenian IT industry.
    They are the only software outsourcing advisory company in Armenia that finds and verifies software development partners for international clients based on their specific needs.
    They organize unique and custom-designed tech tours to help executives of established international companies, investors and young entrepreneurs visit, discover and build strategic partnerships with leading Armenian companies.
  • For this project I have developed the brand system and guidelines including logo design, typography, and color palette.

    The mark is paired with an lowercase sans serif typography, with the name held together by a flipped “d” and an “p.” The result expresses the spirit and elegance of the mark and Darpass itself while modernizing the look, providing a more youthful appeal, and optimizing the identity for applications on everything from Instagram to billboards, print ads, and swag.

    Click here to see the Brand Guideline.