Monochrome Logos 2019

  • Sol’ is an architectural and interior design studio.
    The logo gives you a reference to clear and precise forms, that are creating at the beginning of the design process.
  • Sol’ is an architectural and interior design studio. 
    While scrolling the logo under 90 ° you can read each letter of the brand name, including the apostrophe.
    (First concept)
  • Argo Development is a large construction company.
    The logo gives you a reference to columns and structures, that are placing at the earliest stages of construction.
  • Possible is an SMM agency.
    Two squares symbolize two owners, and the shaded part is a common cause.
    The shaded part can move diagonally: top, center or bottom (as it is now).
  • anA is a manufacturer of lighting systems for residential and commercial premises.
    The last letter takes emphasis and acts simultaneously as an emphasis and graphic stylization of lighting with a lamp.
  • mÖre is a PR communication agency.
    The letter "Ö" gives a reference to the name drawing a parallel to the work.
    And also more connections as well as opportunities for your business.
  • Flove is a premium segment flower shop.
    Refined connections between letters show the fragility of designer bouquets.
  • Ba4u is an interior design studio.
    The logo symbolizes two levels. The horizontal strip acts as an overlap between floors.

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